Saturday, August 25, 2012

“Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don't mind going through a little bush to get there!”-Minnie Pearl

After watching the Morgan Spurlock documentary Mansome, it got me thinking about my stance on manscaping.

I appreciate manscaping, to a certain extent.

I like beards. I like mustaches. I like scruffy, stubbly man faces.

I do not like waxed (or mainly over-waxed) eyebrows. I do not like completely waxed bodies.

You're a man for a reason. Enjoy it. Don't over think your appearance. Don't spend hours "grooming", only to be mistaken for a woman. Embrace the rugged.

I do not like the word "metrosexual".It tends to have a negative connotation. And,  I do not think men should spend that much time and money on their appearance. And, if you feel differently, each their own. Unfortunately, it's just not for me. *side note: I don't feel a woman should put that much time, or money into her appearance either. Let your true self be exposed. When you take off your makeup and hairspray, there shouldn't be a completely different person left behind.*

I can appreciate when a man makes an effort to look good. I also believe that this can be achieved by simply brushing your hair, or putting on some nice pants. It doesn't take hairspray, wax, and a false tan to achieve this. From a female perspective, it's nice to know that a man will put some effort into impressing you. But, again, it's the simple things.

I happen to enjoy the feel of a scruffy beard under my fingers as I rub my hand on a man's face. For some reason, this excites me. I like manly men. Men who wear flannel shirts, and can build things always stood out to me. I tend to relate this to security, comfort, and the feeling of knowing I'm safe. I also find it disheartening   that this kind of man seems to be endangered.

Young boys today are only concerned with skinny jeans, gold chains, and their hair. I feel for the women of the future. If anything, I suppose this will help with independence, but you'll never know you missed out on a strong burly man. Sad.

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